Have you ever gone in for an oil change and wondered if that list of recommended repairs on your vehicle is really necessary? Finding an honest mechanic is the first step to relieving those anxiety-inducing moments.

1) Look at Reviews and Word of Mouth

This is one of the best and easiest ways to find a reputable and honest mechanic. Besides asking friends and family you can also look for online reviews on Google, NextDoor, Yelp, or even the shop’s Facebook page.

2) Test Them Out

Finding an honest mechanic before you need an urgent repair allows you to have more freedom to try them out on a smaller repair or maintenance item. This can help save you money in the long run since a good mechanic will alert you to upcoming repairs before they become major concerns.

3) Communication about Repairs

An honest mechanic is willing to give you personal attention and take time to ask questions about the symptoms your car is having to better understand your issues upfront.  Once your vehicle has been inspected they should explain the solution in a way that is easy to understand along with a firm budget BEFORE any work is done. If you feel pressured or if they use unwarranted fear tactics look elsewhere. 

4) Ask Questions

When going over estimates you should be able to ask questions and request to see the wear and tear on the parts being replaced. We like to go a step further and also provide a digital inspection report, complete with photos, so you can make an informed decision and prioritize repairs as needed. It’s also important you receive updates throughout the repair process if your car is in the shop more than a day.

5) Ask About a Warranty

Not all mechanics offer warranties, so ask ahead of time if one is provided. They are a good indicator of a shop’s honesty and reliability because they communicate that the shop stands behind their work. They usually do not cover wear and tear items, like brakes, but they do cover labor, if a repair is done incorrectly, and parts, if one fails before the warranty term has ended. We are proud to stand behind our work and offer a 2 year/24K mile warranty so all our customers can have peace of mind. Honesty is always the best policy, and we enjoy being able to build trusting relationships with all our customers. We are committed to doing right by our customers so they know they are being treated fairly at every visit and with every repair.