Myth #1 – Premium Fuel Makes Your Car Run Better

It might seem counterintuitive, but premium gas isn’t any cleaner or purer than regular fuel. It’s actually just less combustible. This is why some vehicles – like sports cars and European luxury models – require premium fuel due to the way the engine is engineered to have more power. So don’t waste money at the pump, if your owner’s manual doesn’t specifically recommend it, stick with regular.

Myth #2 – Manual Transmissions Offer Better Gas Mileage

While this used to be reality, advances in technology – especially options like continuously variable transmission (CVT) – offer a wide range of gear ratios, which is where manuals once performed better. At present, automatic cars offer the same, if not better, fuel economy than manual cars. So the only thing you need to decide on when choosing between a manual vs automatic transmission in your car is your personal driving preference!

Myth #3 – You Can Void the Warranty if you don’t go to the dealer for maintenance and repairs

When you buy a new car with a bumper-to-bumper warranty it covers many component failures like a fuel pump, alternator, or the air conditioning. However, those warranties don’t include regular maintenance like oil changes or brakes. For routine maintenance, you can bring your car to Open Road Automotive if you like or even do it yourself without affecting the warranty. Although be sure to follow the maintenance schedule and keep a record proving the maintenance has been done. We can also send any repair invoice by email so you always have a record.

Myth #4: Open windows waste fuel.

While having the windows down does create an aerodynamic drag on your car this only seems to matter at high speeds or those above 75 mph. In fact, the Society of Automotive Engineers did a study that found aerodynamic drag wastes less fuel compared to having the AC on instead. This shows us that if you’re traveling the freeway, you may be better off with the air conditioner on, but for slower speeds, rolling down the windows will be easier on your wallet.