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One of the most refreshing things that happens during the long, hot Houston summer is getting behind the wheel of your vehicle, flipping on the AC, and feeling that cool air hit your face. But have you ever done this and had no cool air leave the vents? Or worse, had a blast of hot air hit you? If this is your day-to-day, or you simply want to avoid this ever happening, bring your vehicle to Open Road Automotive for AC service or AC repair in Houston, TX. You’ll be glad you did when the weather really gets hot.

AC Service Houston TX

At Open Road Automotive, we suggest that you have your vehicle’s AC serviced about twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring. This is to ensure that your AC will be able to handle the more extreme weather during the winter and summer. During this scheduled service, our team will inspect your entire comfort system, from the fans to the hoses to the compressor and everything in between. We will also top off any needed refrigerant, the substance that allows your AC to blow all that cold air.

AC Repair Houston TX

If that hot air scenario sounds all too familiar, then you may be in need of AC repair in Houston, TX. A lot of times, a broken AC system is the fault of not enough refrigerant, which is an easy fix. Something more serious may be at fault, such as a broken fan, worn or snapped hoses, or a broken compressor or condenser. No matter where the issue with your AC might lie, our team will find it and get it fixed up before you know it. All you have to do to keep cool is make an appointment with Open Road Automotive!

AC Repair Near Me

Whether you need AC service or AC repair in Houston, TX, the team at Open Road Automotive is your answer. We have years of experience fixing auto ACs of all shapes and sizes, and we are confident that we can help with yours. Don’t get caught in the heat; bring your car to Open Road Automotive today!

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